Cook Book Alert: Haute Potato

I have heard more times than I can count from various customers that if they only had one food they could keep and would have to discard all others the choice is most commonly potatoes.   Apparently cook book author and blogger Jaqueline Pham understands this all to well in her new cookbook Haute Potato.

haute potato cookbook


Jacqueline created her blog as a way to interact with other foodies who share her passion for gourmet cooking and international culture. She has experience developing, testing, and photographing recipes for food manufacturing, and has had the opportunity to cook for a Nobel laureate, several Fortune 100 executives, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, and even a famous Hollywood actor! She lives in San Francisco, CA.  This Paris (France, not KY) born, Vietnamese gal can cook and has shared her passion and love for our favorite vegetable in this delicious book!

Whether you serve them up as a side of crispy Vietnamese Sweet Potato and Shrimp Fritters or as a savory meal of Crepes Vonnassiennes with Smoked Salmon, these beauties are one of the most versatile foods around. Haute Potato gives this humble vegetable new life with delicious preparations ranging from simple baked dishes to over-the-top fried affairs.

Featuring beautiful photographs and 75 gourmet recipes, you’ll love digging into imaginative fare like:

  • Vietnamese-Style Shrimp and Potato Salad
  • Baked Bacon and Quail Eggs in Roasted Potato Cups
  • Prosciutto-Wrapped Fig and Gnocchi Bites
  • Potato Quiche Lorraine
  • Parsley and Walnut Pesto?Roasted Potatoes
  • Sweet Mashed Potatoes with Maple Syrup and Roasted Bananas

If this is one of those foods you can’t live without,  I suggest you stop in and pick up of a copy of this cookbook. (and just in time for Christmas!)



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