An Invisible Thread….. A Life Changing Lunch….. An Inspiration to End ChildHood Hunger

Typically I like posting, what I call, cookbook alerts  to keep you informed with new and upcoming cookbooks before they hit the shelves; however, last night I stumbled upon a different book but with an inspirational story. Of course it still revolves around food, but in an unexpected place.   An invisible thread is a new book based on a true story of how successful New Yorker and sales executive Laura Schroff crosses paths with an 11-year old boy named Maurice on a Manhattan street corner where he’s panhandling for some change.  Laura first keeps walking on by as so many others before her, but stops and goes back because he said he was hungry and it struck her to the core.  She takes the little boy to lunch and learns his story of being homeless with a mother on drugs and a life full of chaos.

This one lunch turns out to become a 26 year relationship and hundreds of lunches after that where their lives are changed forever.   The title of this book “An Invisible Thread” comes from an old Chinese proverb describing a connection (or thread) between people destined to meet, despite time, space, or circumstance, though it may stretch or tangle, the thread will never break.

One story from this book that touched my heart is how Laura offers Maurice the option to give him money for lunch or to make his lunch to take to school. Maurice quickly tells her to keep the money but if she will make his lunch, to put in a brown paper bag because his perception of the children who went to school carrying their brown paper bag lunch meant that someone cared for them. From a child’s eye and still true throughout time, this story illustrates how happiness, love, and friendship trump money any day of the week.  This feel good book is inspirational and beautifully illustrates the importance of a family meal, how a simple act of kindness (a lunch) shared with a stranger can make the biggest difference.

When you purchase this book you can also know you are helping others in need because portions of profits go to support the Share Our Strength No Kid Hungry Organization.  You can also find out how you can do more to help end Childhood Hunger through there website at NoKidHungry.Org.

an invisble thread

Have a great week! Now let’s go share some good in this world!


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