Must Have Kitchen Gadget: Immersion or better known as the “Stick” Blender

One of my must have kitchen items on your home equipment list.

immersion blender

This Hand held immersion “stick” blender is a must have  for the cold winter months.  It is the perfect tool for making beautiful purees, gorgeous bisque’s  and you can even use it to make small batch smoothies for the kids.  Price points vary, but middle of the road is the best route with this one. It will hold up longer and at the same time won’t break the bank.   The one I have shown above is made by Cuisinart and is around $32 and comes in many different colors. I have personally used this one and it is sufficient for it’s purpose, not a huge amount of power, but the intent  for this tool is most often pureeing and blending already cooked foods and eliminating clumps for a smooth consistency.  On a side note, for expectant mothers, this is also a great tool for making small batches of homemade baby food.


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