I’m a Hot Mess!

A “hot mess” is basically how I describe my life on a daily basis.  For those of you perhaps unfamiliar with this southern phrase, Urban Dictionary defines as “when one’s thoughts or appearance are in a state of disarray but they maintain an undeniable attractiveness or beauty.”   I may seem to have it together, but in reality, it can feel like tiny threads spun into one fragile web. #organizedchaos. lol  I am very grateful to God for the opportunities I have been given and the ability to balance life by wearing many daily hats from chief dishwasher, to tv cooking host, to mom 24/7.

Where do I begin? I  am a chef and owner of a cooking school, catering company, and event center in Lexington Kentucky. Wild Thyme has been in business since August 2011 and has since expanded into a weekly meal program in Lexington, Kentucky and surrounding markets. I am a local tv cooking show host on ABC 36 and have serious aspirations to author a cookbook. At 28 years old I opened this business during a recession and “bet the farm” my concept would work without taking on any outside investors. “Can you say crazy!” After ten years of success, covid 19 hit and it felt like life was taken from me. Seriously, ten hard years of life and sacrifice,  to have the economy come to a halt, just when business was peaking, to try and reconfigure our day to day operations was more than challenging. We have overcome many obstacles and this too shall pass.    I am a mother of a fantastic teenager named Jayda who is full of spunk, sass, sweetness, and will inevitably give me an ulcer before she is 16.  My husband Joey and I have been together for 15  (mostly) wonderful years.

This blog is my outlet to share recipes,  chef tips,  personal and life goals, struggles of trying to balance it all, and unveil the truth behind “having it all,”   (I’ll let you in on a secret, there is no such thing!)  People see what they want to on the outside….it is the inside that counts.   

 ” Yall, Life is just one beautiful hot mess, one day at a time…”




I currently work with families, children, and adults of all ages, teaching the fundamentals and joy of cooking.  Wild Thyme is the premier culinary education/event center in Lexington, KY for individuals and children who want to learn to cook and eat well. Providing interactive hands-on cooking classes,  weekly and daily comfort meals to the Lexington area, children’s birthday/cooking parties, private dinner parties, corporate team building events, and the perfect option for date night or parent’s night out.   Located in the Chinoe Kroger Shopping Center at 1060 Chinoe Road Suite 108 Lexington, KY 40502. 

Website:  www.wildthymecooking.com

After completing my Bachelors in Business Administration, I literally followed my gut and passion for cooking and completed my Culinary Arts degree magna cum laude.  If it isn’t obvious…I love to cook and  I aim to share my tricks of the trade where families can learn to eat in more often, enjoy fresh ingredients, spend more time around the dinner table, and live real life together. 

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Greg Panik says:

    I’m the cook in our marriage and would love to learn the basics of cooking and cuts of meat. So I am very excited about your new location to start taking classes.

    1. new2cooking says:

      We look forward to having you and can’t wait to cook up some fun! Stay tuned to the blog for new updates and as soon as our website is up and running you can view class calendars, recipes, and much more. Thanks for the comment.

    2. Wild Thyme says:

      Wild Thyme is officially open for business. You can visit our website at wildthymecooking.com to learn more about cooking classes and upcoming events. We are located in the Chinoe Kroger shopping center in Lexington KY and look forward to cooking up fun with you soon! As Paula Deen would say Best Wishes and Best dishes from our kitchen to yours.

  2. Wild Thyme Cooking School is scheduled to open next week! Their open house is August 5th 2011. It’s going to be sooo much fun!

  3. Shannon says:

    Allison! This is awesome! Love the healthy shepards pie! Can’t wait to try it out!

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