It’s Official! Wild Thyme Hit’s The National Stage In Cooking With Paula Deen Magazine!

A couple of months ago, I received a call from a wonderful lady named Elizabeth, who at first, I assumed was a telemarketer or some scam trying to get advertising dollars.  I had to have her repeat her information and request because it was astounding to me.  She was the editor for Cooking with Paula Deen Magazine and was working on a travel piece featuring the top cooking schools across the south. Wild Thyme had been recommended to her and selected from “Quite a list!”  I still felt this might be too good to be true, but we continued to email back and forth and I provided her with pictures, information, etc.  and yesterday while picking up a few goods at Kroger I looked over and saw the most recent issue of Cooking With Paula Deen (Nov/Dec) and there I was, page 85!  To get this national recognition after only being open a year is huge! We are truly grateful and excited for the opportunities ahead. Who knows what this could bring.

Go out and pick up a copy and learn about all of the exciting cooking classes you can take while vacationing in an exciting Southern City…like Lexington!   We look forward to cooking up fun with you soon.  To learn more about Wild Thyme Cooking School, visit our website at




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